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   ST3P time series relay is the introduction of Japan Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. a full set of production know-how of the new electronic time-relay with a small size, light weight, high-precision delay, delay a wide range of anti-interference performance, reliability Good, long life, and other characteristics of the requirements applicable to a variety of high precision and high reliability of the automatic control of co-operation delay, in line with the GB14048 standard products.

 Model ST3P
Classification Super Time Relay
Standard varieties Power delay, delay interval, with prompt action, power delay, off delay, delay start-up stars triangle, circle back and forth
Delay range 0.05s-24h
Contact Type 2 conversion delay, delay 1 conversion
Contact capacity 3A/2A 250VAC 3A/2A 250VAC
Xinhua life (AC-12) 2×10 5
Characteristics Delay high precision and wide
Product Certification UL  CE  CCC

Standard varieties

Model In the form of action The number of contacts Delay range Rated voltage (Us)
ST3PA  Power delay 2 conversion delay A : 0.05-0.5s/5s/30s/3min B : 0.1-1s/10s/60s/6min C : 0.5-5s/50s/5min/30min D : 1-10s/100s/10min/60min E : 5-60s/10min/60min/6h F : 0.25-2min/20min/2h/12h G : 0.5-4min/40min/4h/24h AC24,110,220V 50/60Hz DC24,48,110V
ST3PG  Delay Interval 2 conversion delay
ST3PC  Blink-action (delay interval) 1 instantaneous conversion delay action conversion 1
ST3PF ST3PF-2 Power delay 1 conversion delay or delay the conversion 2 0.1-1s    0.2-2s     0.5-5s 1-10s     2.5-30s   5-60s AC110,220V    50/60Hz DC24,48,110V
ST3PK Off delay 1 conversion delay 0.1-1s    0.25-2s    0.5-5s 1-10s     2.5-30s     AC110V/220V   50/60Hz DC24V
ST3PY   Star Triangle delay start Conversion delay triangle stars blink move to open a regular 1-10s     2.5-30s    5-60s AC110/220V    50/60Hz
ST3PR  Reciprocating cycle delay 1 conversion delay 0.5-6s/60s    1-10s/10min 2.5-30s/30min

AC110/220V    50/60Hz DC24,48V

Technical parameters

Repeatability 0.5% +20 ms 1.0% +20 ms 0.5%+20ms 1.0%+20ms
Setting Error <5% (maximum scale value) <5% (maximum scale value)
复位时间 Reset time 500ms(Max.) —— -- 100ms信号500ms电源 100ms signal power 500ms 500ms (Max.) 500ms (Max.) 500ms (Max.)
Contact capacity AC-12 200V  3A 200V  3A 200V 3A 200V   3A 200V 3A 200V   3A 200V 3A 200V   3A 200V 3A 200V  3A 200V 3A 200V   2A 200V 2A
AC-15  200V  1A  200V 0.5A  200V   1A 200V   0.5A 200V 0.5A 200V   0.5A 200V  0.5A 200V   0.5A
DC-12 110V 0.5A 24V  3A 110V  0.5A  24V     3A 24V     3A 24V   2A 24V     2A
DC-13 110V 0.2A 24V  0.5A  110V  0.2A 24V    0.5A 24V    0.5A 24V   0.5A  24V    0.5A
Rated power AC220V   2.9VA AC110V   1.9VA DC24V    1.3W AC   3.3VA DC   2.4W AC220V 1.1VA AC110V 1.3VA DC24V   1.3W AC   3.3VA DC   1.5W 4.4VA AC    3.3VA DC    1.5W
Insulation strength  Electric and the earth: AC2000V 1min electrical circuit between: AC1500V 1min between contacts with the group: AC1000V 1min
Insulation resistance >100MΩ
Mechanical life 5×10 7 5 1×10 7 2×10 7 2×10 7 2×10 7 2×10 7 1×10 7
Xinhua Life

AC-12:20×10 4 AC-15:32×10 4 DC-12:50×10 4 DC-13:15×10 4

AC-12:12×10 4 AC-15:15×10 4 DC-12:10×10 4 DC-13:15×10 4
Product weight 100g 140g 180g  150g

Plug-in size and accessories and installation size

Wiring diagram form delay

 Wiring diagram

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