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    ST6P upgrade products, better structure, more reliable, economical and reliable high-precision high-break time limit price relay, with the full ST7P, H3Y swap. 

Technical characteristics:

● ultra-small, high-reliability dedicated
● ultra-small IC circuit relay time.
● repeated error ± 1%, and high accuracy. 
● Cross or the use of the word screwdriver set time, convenience, 
● delay in the right range from 0.5s to 12h free to choose. Multi-touch output, output delay 2 conversions, 4 conversions. 
● ST6P alternative to a comprehensive range of products through the CCC, UL, CE certification.

Variety specifications:

 Model  The number of contacts Contact capacity  Delay range Rated voltage
MT7P-2 2 conversion delay

AC-12 220V 5A AC-15 220V 1A DC-12 110V 0.5A DC-13 110V 0.2A AC-12: 220V 5A

0.06 0 .5s 0.1 1 s 0.3 3 s 0.4 5 s 1 1 0s 2 3 0s 4 6 0s 0 .25 3 min 1 1 0min 2 3 0min 4 6 0min 0 .2 2 h 0 .5 6 h 1 1 2h

AC110,220V DC24,48V

MT7P-4 4 delay conversion

AC-12 220V 3A AC-15 220V 0.3A DC-12 110V 0.5A DC-13 110V 0.2A

AC110V,220V DC24,48V

Technical parameters:

Model MT7P-2 MT7P-4
Repeat error 1%±20ms 1%±20ms
Setting Error 10% 10%
Reset time 500ms(Max) 500ms(Max)
Insulation strength  Electric and the earth: AC2000V 1min
Electrical circuit between: AC1500V 1min 
Contact between the same group: AC1000V 1min
Insulation resistance 100M Ω (DC500V) 100M Ω (DC500V)
Rated power AC220V 2.1VA AC110V 1.9VA DC24V 1.1W AC220V 2.1VA
AC110V 1.9VA DC24V 1.1W
Mechanical life 5×107 5×107
Xinhua Life AC-12:20×104  AC-15: 32 × 104
DC-12:50×104 DC-13:15×104
AC-12:12×104 AC-12: 12 × 104
AC-15:26×104 AC-15: 26 × 104
DC-12:26×104 DC-12: 26 × 104
DC-13:5×104 DC-13: 5 × 104
Product weight 45g 45g

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